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RAQI package offers exclusive, unique and luxuries benefits designed and chosen very carefully to meet your desires and satisfy your aspirations as an elite customer in Mobily.

Main benefits:

Local Minutes Unlimited to all networks
Local Internet Unlimited
Local SMS 2,000 SMS to all local networks
International Minutes Free 200 Minutes subject to carry over for 3 months
Roaming (Receiving Calls)  Free
Roaming Internet Unlimited
Smart Phone Subsidy Program Up to 7200 SAR 24 bill cycle commetment Up to 5400 SAR 18 bill cycle commitment Up to 3600 SAR 12 bill cycle cmmetment
Cash-Back offer up to 3,600 SAR with 12 bill cycle commitment
Multi SIM 2 Free SIMs*
Free Services Rannan Rahati
Additional Services Special offers with Neqaty program
SIM cards to your family members
Monthly Fees 800 SAR  640 SAR ** exl.VAT

*Data shared through the main SIM is 160GB.

** Special Offer:

  • This offer is available for new RAQI costumers.

  • Offer is automatically activated

  • No contract and no additional fees required

  • Customer will lose the promotion if he/she changed the package during the time of the promotion

  • Promotion period is one month

  • Promotion validity is three months

  • Prices are without VAT


For the included roaming countries included in the free Internet & call receiving, Check Here.

Smart Phone Subsidy Program:

 New RAQI customers only:

 Current RAQI customers:

 New RAQI customers (Cash Back):

RAQI customer can get their device through Mobily e-shop at (Only for customers after 12 months or after device commitment ends)


 Neqaty program:


Optional Benefits:

  1. RAQI Family package for your family members. Know More
  2. International minutes Check Here
  3. International SMSs. Check Here

*Will be added based on customer choice with fixed monthly fees.

If you wish to join RAQI package, kindly complete the data form using the below link and a representative from of our VIP customer service team will contact you to set up a convenient date and time for you to visit your nearest Mobily branch.

Join Raqi Now

For more information, please contact customer service team on 056 010 1100

Free Roaming Countries Details :



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