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Tejwali Roaming Service

Receive calls for the best rates while roaming

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What is Tejwali Roaming Service?

With Tijwali Roaming Service, you can receive calls while abroad starting from only 75 Halalas per minute. For the complete list of Mobily prices and coverage, visit our Roaming Prices page.

Saudi Student Offer

Receiving Calls While Roaming (Saudi Student Offer)

We know that studying abroad can be stressful, so Mobily has worked out and created an affordable package to help Saudi students abroad receive calls for free while roaming and keep in touch with their friends and families at home. No need to worry about your phone bill; we have 100 countries and almost 300 operators covered in this special offer.

Bundle Price/ SAR 30
Subscription Duration Month
Bundle Volume Unlimited Free receiving calls

How to subscribe to this bundle:

  • Send RSTU to 1100.
  • Visit one of Mobily Sales outlets

How to unsubscribe to this bundle:

  • Send UNRSTU to 1100
  • Visit one of Mobily Sales outlets

Note: This offer is limited to postpaid. For more information, please call 1100

Holiday Offer

Receiving Calls while Roaming (Holiday's offers)

Mobily Holidays offers allow only postpaid customers to receive calls for free while roaming. The Mobily Holidays offers are available during summer season and holidays. For more information about these offers please see the below table

How to subscribe to Mobily Holiday's offer:

By sending one of the below subscription commands to 1100

Subscription Commands Subscription Duration Bundle Price/SAR Bundle Volume
MTC1D Day 2 Unlimited Free Receiving calls
MTC1W Week 8 Unlimited Free Receiving calls
MTC1M Month 30 Unlimited Free Receiving calls

Tejwali promotion dates for 2019

Holidays From To
Summer Holidays 02/05/2019 29/08/2019
National Day Holiday 23/09/2019 23/09/2019


Note: These offers are limited to postpaid while Roaming. To call Customer Service Center while Roaming for free, please dial +966560101100

How to

Choose the correct operator

Select your Operator Network for free receiving 

Switch on your mobile phone.

  • Register to the network in one of two ways - automatically or manually. 
  • To register automatically, just switch on your mobile and the phone will immediately choose an available local network.
  • To register manually, go to the Network Selection menu and choose the option 'Manual'. The phone will do a search, and display all the available network operators. Then simply select which one you would like to roam with.
  • To enjoy the full benefits of this offer, please select an operator from the list below.

Countries and Operators Covered:

Please select the destination:

Select country

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Important Note: This coverage list is subject to change without notice due to roaming partners tariff, fluctuation in currency exchange rate, and other market conditions


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