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Roaming Voice and SMS Bundles

Roaming Voice and SMS Bundles

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Roaming Voice and SMS Bundles

Mobily offers monthly roaming bundles which provide you with free voice calls and messages while roaming. These bundles have been specially designed to meet the prepaid and postpaid needs.
Now, we offer two bundles for GCC countries and one for Rest of the world countries. Subscribe to the bundle of your choice and enjoy free voice and SMS services while roaming


Bundle Details

GCC 25 Bundle GCC 50 Bundle
Duration: 1 Month Duration: 1 Month
Subscription fee: 25 SAR Subscription fee: 50 SAR
Outgoing Call: 15 Minutes Outgoing Call: 35 Minutes
Incoming Call: 15 Minutes Incoming Call: 35 Minutes
Short Message: 15 Messages Short Message: 35 Messages

Global (Rest of the World) Bundle

Duration 1 Month
Subscription fee 50 SAR
Outgoing Call 25 Minutes
Incoming Call 25 Minutes
Short Message  25 Messages

Note: Voice MO minutes can only be consumed for calling local (Any Mobile/PSTN inside visiting country) and Home (Any Mobile/PSTN)
SMS is for B party mobile only


How to Subscribe?



  • For GCC 25 Bundle send GCC25 to 1100
  • For GCC 50 Bundle send GCC50 to 1100
  • For Global Bundle send Global50 to 1100


For remaining balance inquiry customer can send 1555 to 1100, open USSD menu by dialing *4220# or contact customer care by dialing 1100


Terms and Conditions


  • These bundles are available for postpaid and prepaid packages.
  • Global (Rest of the world) Bundle can also be used in GCC countries that are covered in coverage list.
  • Bundle can’t be unsubscribed.
  • Same or any of three bundles can be re-subscribe during the eligibility period of existing one but there will be no resource top-up or validity increase. In case of re-subscription, benefits of previous bundles will be automatically expired.
  • Once bundle is expired, customer will be charged on standard roaming rates.
  • If customer consumed all free voice outgoing call minutes while incoming call minutes and SMS remains in his free account, the bundle will continue for incoming minutes and SMS only while customer will be charged on standard roaming rate for outgoing calls.
  • In case of wrong or false subscription, subscription fee will not get refunded.
  • Customer will be notified via SMS once bundle’s validity if over.
  • After expiry, customer will be start charging on standard roaming rates and there will be no blocking of voice and SMS services for 24 hours


Coverage List


The below table shows the countries where you can make use of roaming voice and sms bundle


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