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Roaming Prices

Roam with Mobily and enjoy a better roaming prices around the world.

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What Is Roaming Rates?

With Mobily, you don't have to worry about roaming when you’re traveling the world. No matter where your travels take you, our vast roaming coverage will keep you seamlessly connected all over the globe.

While traveling to any country, you can still be in touch with your family, friends and business because your Mobily line will still be working through another operator’s network in the country you are visiting.

You can send SMS, as well as make and receive calls, while enjoying affordable rates.


  • Prices are subject to change without notice due to roaming partners’ tariff change or fluctuation in currency exchange rate.
  • Rates of other calls within visited country are charged differently based on call type (call to premium numbers, call to other countries, call to satellite & video telephony calls).

How To

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Just follow these easy steps upon your arrival to a foreign country:
  • Switch on your mobile phone.
  • Register to the network in two ways, either automatically or manually.
  • To register automatically, just switch on your mobile and the phone will choose one of the available networks in the visited network.
  • To register manually, go to ‘Network Selection’ and choose the option manually. Once the search is completed, the phone will display all the available network operators you can roam with.

Make a Call Abroad:

Calls can be made to Saudi Arabia or any destination outside the country you are roaming from by:
  • Dialing the international access code "+” or “00" followed by the relevant area code and number. (i.e. +966 56xxxxxxxx)
To call a local number in the visited country:
  • Just dial the number directly. 
While you are abroad, anyone in Saudi Arabia will still be able to reach you by dialing your Mobily mobile number. 
If somebody within the visited country, in which you are roaming, needs to contact  you, they will have to dial your full Mobily number with the international  access and dialing codes; "+" followed by the dialing code of Saudi Arabia (966) and then your mobile number. For example: +966 56xxxxxx, where 56xxxxxx is your Mobily mobile number. 


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