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Data Bundles

With Mobily Data bundles, you can enjoy high-speed Internet on your smartphone, router, and mini WiFi devices, anytime and anywhere, with various options that suit your needs.


20% Extra Internet Promotion

Now, Mobily’s Prepaid bundles & internet add-ons give you 20% more internet, satisfying your needs.


Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is available through Mobily’s App and digital store only.
  • This offer is for the new subscription and for one time only.
  • If you subscribe to this offer, you will not get it again with other bundles.
  • Tethering social media data is not available.


Data Volume Duration Price** Subscribe/Renew Stop Auto-renewal
150MB ( Special Offer: 180 MB) 2 weeks SR 5 750 00750
500MB ( Special Offer: 600 MB) 1 Month SR 20 6090 6092
1GB ( Special Offer: 1.2 GB) 1 Month SR 30 6100 6102
2GB ( Special Offer: 2.4 GB) 1 Month SR 50 7200 7202
5GB ( Special Offer: 6 GB) 1 Month SR 75 7300 7302
10GB ( Special Offer: 12 GB) 1 Month SR 95 7050 7052
10GB ( Special Offer: 12 GB) 3 Months SR 165 6070 6072
20GB ( Special Offer: 24 GB) 1 Month SR 135 6300 6302
20GB ( Special Offer: 24 GB) 3 Months SR 220 8200 8202
50GB (Special Offer Only on Voice SIMs: 50GB + 50GB for Free) 2 Months SR 210 7090 7092
50GB ( Special Offer: 60 GB) 3 Months SR 260 8070 8072
100GB (Special Offer Only on Voice SIMs: 100GB + 100GB for Free) 1 Month SR 160 7080 7082
100GB (Special Offer Only on Voice SIMs: 100GB + 100GB for Free) 3 Month SR 320 8080 8082
300GB (Special Offer Only on Voice SIMs: 300GB + 300GB for Free) 3 Month SR 450 300 N/A
600GB 6 Months SR 900 606 N/A

To activate and manage services:


General Remarks:

  • Sending the Subscription command will activate the chosen Data bundle and its validity will be based on the activation date, for both postpaid and prepaid customers.
  • Sending the Renew Now command will renew your subscription to the bundle you were subscribed to.
  • Your bundle will be renewed automatically upon expiry
  • Sending the Stop Auto-renewal command will prevent the Data bundle from being automatically renewed when it expires, while being able to continue using the remaining Data balance until consumed or expired.
  • You can subscribe to multiple bundles at the same time

**Price does not include Value Added Tax (VAT):

  • For Prepaid Voice & Data Subscriptions:  Bundles prices will be similar to the above table since VAT is already deducted from the balance upon recharge.
  • For Postpaid Voice subscriptions: An additional 15% will be added to your monthly bill.

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