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Experience the most advanced Wi-Fi coverage everywhere in your home with Mobily Ultimate Wi-Fi & Smart Home Gateway

Our advanced and high-performance Wi-Fi extenders devices will capture the internet signal from your home router to expand the coverage to areas where Wi-Fi signal is weak or nonexistent at your home, no matter how big it is.


Giga Spire main features:

Mesh Wi-Fi

  • The most powerful dual band Wi-Fi device in the industry.
  • Support IoT protocols, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Z-Wave
  • 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6’ technology) using both  8x8 at 5 GHz and 4x4 at 2.4 GHz
  • 1 x GigE LAN port
  • 1 x GigE WAN port
  • Managed by Calix Support Cloud

Virtual Assistant - Amazon Alexa

Built in Amazon Alexa has so many features such as:

  • Talking to you in a conversational manner.
  • Playing music & games.
  • Reads you news briefing and audio books.
  • Creating lists, access Wikipedia articles.
  • Control smart home devices.
  • And much more.

Smart Home Support

Provide support and communication protocols for the most common electronic products in your home, such as:

  • Control your smart TV.
  • Support you home monitoring devices.
  • Operate game consoles and streaming devices.
  • And other supported smart devices.

Extra Applications

You can easily control your Calix devices from anywhere
by downloading Calix Apps from Apple Store/ Google Play.

  • CommandIQ™
    App includes the features of connecting your home smart devices, Parental Controls, content screening, Manage Network Usage/ speeds and much more.
  • ProtectIQ™
    App includes anti-virus, protection from malware & malicious websites.


Like never before, Calix devices expand your Wi-Fi Network to cover every corner in your home. We are providing some perspective to get maximum Wi-Fi coverage on which is best for you.



Calix devices are available at the nearest Mobily store Mobily store location or Mobily online shop


Calix Wi-Fi Devices:


Device Images

Calix Giga Spire Max

Calix Giga Mesh


1900 SAR

500 SAR


2 years of warranty

*Prices are VAT excluded



Q.  What are Mesh Wi-Fi devices?

They are high performance devices that could be work standalone or as a group of devices to extend your Wi-Fi coverage at your home.

Q.  Where is the best place to put Calix Wi-Fi device?

For the best performance, place your devices in a central location with good visibility to the main areas of your home.

Q. How many devices do I need to cover the full house with the Wi-Fi?

If you find your Wi-Fi does not reach all the areas in your home, you can add as much devices to extend your Wi-Fi to cover your entire home) as explained in the above image).

Q. Is there a user manual with the device?

Yes there will be a user manual inside the device box. Will have information about the device, installation process, set up instructions and troubleshoot guide.  

Q.  How do I reset calix devices back to factory settings?

You can press the RESET button on the back of device for at least 10 seconds to reset.

Q. How many calix models Mobily is offering?

There are two models, the main device is Giga Spire and Giga Mesh which can connect to the main device.

Q. Is there a warranty for the devices?

There is 2 years of warranty in case device is faulty or there are any technical manufacturing issues with the device.

Q. How to purchase the devices?

These devices are available at Mobily outlets and you can check the nearest Mobily store location or Mobily online shop

Q. What if I moved to a different place?

You can move your devices to any place,but it must be within the wireless range of your internet router.


How to setup your Calix devices?


First step: set up your Giga spire system:

Plug your Giga spire device into a power outlet.

Connect your Giga spire device with your home router through an Ethernet cable.

Your Giga spire device will begin to boot up, it may take a few minutes.

Once done, the LED light bar on the device will be illuminated solid blue, which means the internet connection has been established.


Second step: Download and install CommandIQ App on your smartphone:

With your system connected, you can get started with the App by downloading it from either Apple store or google play store and search for CommandIQ.

Sign up to CommandIQ App with your personal information. (Set your location to be Canada).

Once done with registration, you will be promoted to scan the QR CODE located on the bottom side of Giga spire device.

As an alternative, you can enter the MAC address and serial number from the plate in the location.

Next, name your network and create your password. If your system is already operating with Wi-Fi, enter your current SSID and Wi-Fi password in the appropriate fields.

For an easy way to manage your network, use the main menu to access the key features of the App that you will use on a regular basis.


Last step: Connect the Giga mesh device to your Giga spire system:

Plug your Giga spire device into a power outlet.

Wait for the light to flash red.

Press and hold the WPS button on both devices for 3 seconds.

The light will flash green in both devices as they are pairing to each other.

Once paring is complete, both devises will show a solid blue light.

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