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Ranan Signature Service

Exclusively with Ranan! Display a flash text of your choice on your callers screens while calling you!

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The Ranan Signature service allows you to send text-based Flash messages to your callers. The messages will be displayed on the phone while the person is calling you.

The highlights of this service:

1-This text-based Flash message pops up on the screen of your caller. It is easy to read and can be dismissed immediately.
2-The message will be automatically pushed by the system, as early as while the phone is still ringing.
3- You can set your own message or you can choose from our library of predefined signature boxes.

Short Code:



Description Send the below message to 655556
To subscribe to the service sub (or send an empty message)
To unsubscribe from the service usub
To know the current signature q
To set a new signature s (followed by the desired signature)
To assign a signature to a particular number Phone number (followed by the desired signature)
To delete the signature for a particular number Phone number
To access the Help Commands menu h
To access the Extra Help Commands menu h+
To stop receiving signatures from all numbers stp
To resume receiving signatures from all numbers res
To display the list of signature boxes with topics qb
To set the signature box b (followed by the signature box ID)
To blacklist a user from getting your signatures
(single or multiple numbers)
blk (followed by the number to be blocked)
blk 056xxxxxxx
blk 056xxxxxxx  054xxxxxxx
To delete a number from the black list     To remove all blacklisted users dblk (followed by the number to be deleted)
dblk 0544053045   dblk
To temporarily suspend the signature service off
To resume the signature service on


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