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Ranan Karaoke Service

Let your voice be heard!

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Ranan Karaoke Application allows Ranan users to record their own voice, edit it, add background music, sound effects to it, and much more to create a tone that can be used as their Ring Back tone and share it with others!


How to use the Karaoke service from the Ranan App:

  • Download the Ranan App for free from http://mobily.im/ranan (iOS app store or Google Play store)
  • Open the Ranan app and choose the Karaoke from the side menu of the App.
  • Log in using your Mobily number.
  • Choose one of the following patterns: Islamic, Entertainment, Music (Coming soon).
  • Record your voice.
  • Add the desired background.
  • Add the desired sound effects and edit your voice with style.
  • The recording must not exceed 45 seconds and must be a minimum of 3 seconds.
  • Upload it as a Ring Back tone and read the terms and conditions and click “Agree”.
  • Save your Recording, and wait for the approval so you can use it and share it.

Business Rules:

  • You need to be a Ranan subscriber to use the Ranan Karaoke service.
  • Subscribing to Ranan Karaoke service will automatically subscribe you to Ranan service.
  • Any Karaoke recording uploaded to the system and is approved will be treated as any other normal tone (Please read the Terms and Conditions).
  • The service cost is 5 SAR / month for each activated tone (Approved).
  • The tone fee will not be deducted unless the content is approved.
  • Approval can take up to 72 hours.
  • App Users can record their content, edit it, remove it or share with other Ranan users.
  • Other Ranan subscribers can buy tones recorded by any other users. 

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