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Ranan Campaign 2020

The Ranan 2020 Competition webpage will allow you to participate in the competitoion and provide you with more infomration regarding the Ranan 2020 competion, giving you the chance to win multiple prizes! Participate now!

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Ranan Campaign 2020

Ranan’s prizes campaign with medium-level prizes through a cloud based platform where the users can collect points on each subscription/download from any channel and play a draw to win prizes

Campaign Platform Link



Campaign Rules

1. Users will get 10 points automatically when they log in for the first time every day.

2. Users will get 30 points if they subscribe Ranan service or they download RBT content successful.

3. Users will get 30/20/10 points, if users renew Ranan service or RBT content successful for 30/20/10 days.

4. Users will get 5 points if they change the Callshine content for the first time every day.

5. Users can draw to win the prize when users's points reaches 10 points, each drawing will cost 10 points.

6. If users are lucky to win prizes,  Mobily customer care will contact you and inform you with the procedure to receive the prize

7. This campaign is only for Mobily network's users,  other network's users are invalid and can't get prizes.

8. this campaign will last 3 months and end at 15th Mar, durng the campaign, users can draw Prizes at anytime.

9. Users can check all the prizes they get  in "my prize", every prize has a unique code, please keep  your code.

10. Users can click the "More points" button, then go to recommendation page, users can download their favorite content to get more points.



What's the Ranan Campaign Platform?

Ranan campaign platform is a promotional platform for the end-user interacting with Ranan service which offers prizes upon subscribing, downloading or renewing the service based on HTML-5 page.

What's use of the points in our platform and how to get more points?

Users can only use their point to draw in our platform and each draw will cost 10 point.there are two way to get more points: 1. Users can get 30 points if they subscribe(non-ranan users) or they download a content(ranan users). 2. when user log in for the first time every day, if he is RBT user,he will automatically get 10 points. if he is not RBT user,he will automatically get 5 points.

Who can join this campaign?

All mobily users can paticipate this campaign.

 How to join Ranan campaign?

If you know the platform link, you can enter platform link in the website browser to access the webpage directly. If you don’t know the platform link, you will receive the SMS that is including Ranan campaign platform's link and other information every week, so you can enter platform through the SMS.

I was a Ranan user and I have purchased Ranan content before this campaign luanched, does Ranan campaign platform present point to me?

No, but when you renew Ranan service or content again, you will get points automatically.

If I renew Ranan service or content successfully, How many points will I get?
It depends on how many days you renew Ranan service or content successfully. If users renew Ranan service or RBT content less than 10 days, users will get 10 points. if users renew Ranan service or RBT content more than 10 days and less than 20 days, users will get 20 points. if users renew Ranan service or RBT content more than 20 days and less than 30 days, users will get 30 points.

Where can I query my prize information?

you can click "My Prizes" button in the upper left corner, then you will jump to prize centre page and you can check the all the prize information

How to claim my prizes?

If you are lucky to win a prize, don’t be worried, Mobily customer care will call you and ask for your information, such as ID, prize code and you will be informed with the best way to collect the prize

Where can we download content and subscribe to service?

When user is at draw main page, if user click "More Points" button in the center, user will jump to recommendation page where user can order ranan service or purchase his favorite content.

If I subscribe to Ranan service or download the content via other channel, will my point in platform increase?

Regardless of the channel from which the user subscribe service or download a content, user's point will increasing.

I'm Non-Ranan service user, I downloaded a content from Ranan campaign platform, how mush SAR  will be deducted and how many points will I get?

If you are not Ranan service user and you want to download a content, it means that you need to subscribe the Ranan service first so that you can download an RBT content you like. it costs 5 SAR to subscribe service and 5 SAR to download the tone, so the total cost is 10 SAR, you can get 30 points from ordering the service and 30 points from downloading the tone, the total points user get is 60 points.

How to subscibe Ranan service?

1. Reply 1 '1404' with  to subscribe Ranan service through SMS.
2. Dial 1404 following the voice operation to subscribe Ranan service
3. Dial *1100#241#, reply '1' to subscribe Ranan service.
4. Subscribe Ranan service via Mobily web portal.

 how to unsubscribe Ranan service?

1.dial *1100#241#, reply '2' to unsubscribe Ranan service.
2.dial 1404 following the voice operation to unsubscribe Ranan service.
3.send '0' to 1404 to unsubscribe Ranan service.
4. Unsubscribe Ranan service via Mobily web portal.


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