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Engage your kids with Lamsa; the first channel for kids in Arabic.

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What is Lamsa?

Introduce your kids to the world of Arabic content, with subject like heritage, culture, and creativity specially designed to instil our values during the most important phase of learning; birth to the age of six. 


Lamsa avails the best and most interactive and diverse Arabic digital content and services, designed specifically for children up to six years of age.

Once you download Lamsa’s free app, your children will be able to enjoy a wide variety of interactive content and services including:

  • Stories: experience modern and traditional stories like never before! Read the stories yourself or have them narrated to your children for an overwhelming experience, complete with interactive animated elements and captivating sounds.
  • Games: adapted for children’s little fingers, Lamsa introduces a wide variety of interactive games specifically designed to boost children’s mental and emotional development while at the same time being fun and amusing!
  • Videos: educational, fun and provoking to the imagination. Lamsa avails videos prepared by professionals in order to enhance and outline your children’s experience!
  • Colouring and Drawing: Lamsa makes drawing and colouring much more fun and interactive allowing children to choose their own colours, brushes and more!
  • Children’s Rhymes: enjoy children’s songs and rhymes with features including interactive elements, colouring, sing-along options and more!
  • Toys and more surprises inside the world of Lamsa!

Join Lamsa today, and watch your children have tons of fun while learning at the same time!

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