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Mobily Menu

‪Mobily menu is now available for all Mobily subscribers ‬

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What is Mobily Menu?

‪Now and only from Mobily, enjoy “Mobily Menu” for a quick, unified and direct access to all Mobily services and promotions through an interactive text menu. Access is provided even while roaming with most of the operators. All that with no pre-settings to use the Menu, try it Now!‬


‪Mobily Menu provides a variety of services, including:‬

‪New from Mobily:

Updating you on the newest services and promotions from Mobily.*‬

‪Mobily Services:

Enables you to use or manage the following services:‬

  • ‪Supplementary services; such as Ranan and Favorite Number.‬
  • ‪Free services; such as Call Me Back and Send Me Credit**.‬
  • ‪Credit services; such as Credit Transfer**.‬

‪Account Information:

Provides you with a quick and direct access to your account information, incuding:‬

  • ‪Remaining free balances.‬
  • ‪Billed and un-billed amounts for the postpaid customers.‬

Settings & Help:

Provides you with the following options:‬

  • Mobily Services Settings:
    to set your mobile to use Mobily services; such as Mobily 3lhawa, MMS, Internet and 3G Streaming services. You will be receiving an SMS with the required settings and you should save it to your mobile.‬
  • Help Menu:
    Displays the help menu to guide your usage.‬
  • ‪Language Setup:
    Sets up your Menu language (Arabic or English). Or, you can enter 999 at any point of time anywhere to switch your menu language directly.‬
  • ‪Free of charge Mobily Menu usage. 
    However, please note that any paid service with a processing or subscription fee will still be charged as usual.‬

‪*Look out for more new services soon.‬

‪Prices/ Tariffs‬

‪Mobily Menu browsing is free of charge. However, please note that any paid service with a processing or subscription fee will still be charged as usual.‬

‪How to‬

‪Use Mobily Menu‬

‪To access the main menu, dial *1100# and the list of available services will be displayed on your mobile. Select your preferred service. To move forward with any choice in the Menu, press the Answer key or Reply, insert your choice number and confirm by pressing Send.‬

‪You can also use the below choices anytime anywhere while browsing the menu:‬

Function Choice
‪To return back to the previous page.‬ 0
‪To return back to the previous menu.‬ 00
‪To go to the main menu.‬ 000
‪To display the help menu.‬ 99
‪To switch your language between Arabic & English.‬ 999

‪* Services of this section are periodically changed and updated with the new promotions.‬

‪**Credit Transfer and Send Me Credit services are applicable for prepaid subscribers only.‬

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