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Multi SIM Service

It is Multiple SIMs with the same number that can be used anytime, anywhere, and simultaneously.

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What is Multi SIM Service?

It is Multiple SIMs under the same number which allows you to share your data across different devices in the same time.

Who can subscribe?

All postpaid expect for RAQI Family & Mobily SIM.

How to subscribe?

Please visit any Mobily outlet to subscribe and get your Multi SIM.

Service Features:

  • You can get up to 3* SIMs including your original SIM that can be used in multiple devices (Mobile, Tablet, router…etc.)
  • Share your data bundle from the master SIM with all multi SIMs.
  • Only one SIM will be active at a time for originating and receiving calls, SMS, MMS and for other services
  • The same call tariff of the master SIM applies to all SIM cards.
  • You can easily change the active voice SIM by dialing *200# from the desired SIM


Multi-SIM general rules and commands:

Service Command‬
‪To activate the SIM for calls & SMS *200#
‪To activate a SIM for calls & SMS remotely ‬ ‪*200*N#
N refers to the SIM ID (1,2 or 3)
To identify the SIM ID (1, 2 or 3) **200#
To identify the voice calls active SIM (1, 2 or 3) *#200#

Service Fees:


  • One time setup fee is 10 SAR for each SIM on Postpaid 300 & 400
  • Service monthly fee is 10 SAR for each SIM on Postpaid 300 and 25 SAR on Postpaid 400
  • No fees required on RAQI packages.


For more information and enquires on legacy packages please call Mobily Customer Center at 056-010-1100 or visit Mobile website http://www.mobily.com.sa



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