Hair & Skin Care Center


Hair & Skin Care Center

Hair & Skin Care Center is the global and specialized name in hair, skin and body care in the Kingdom. With presence in more 65 countries in the world, the international standards are now offered in more than 8 locations for Ladies and men across KSA.

You can now collect Neqaty points every time you pay for a treatment or subscription at Hair & Skin Care Center. Collect one Neqaty point for every SAR 2 spent. You also can redeem your points with cash discount up to 1800 SAR on Hair & skin care center.


How can I collect Neqaty points:

Collecting Neqaty points at Hair & skin care center is very easy, at the payment time, inform the cashier that you are a mobily customer and would like to collect Neqaty points, then provide him/her with your mobily number. The cashier will enter your mobily number directly on the cash machine and you will receive a confirmation message immediately informing that Neqaty points is added to your Neqaty balance.


How can I redeem Neqaty points:

You can pay for your purchases through redeeming your Neqaty points, only when you want to pay inform the cashier that you would like to redeem your points. The cashier will ask you for your Mobily number to enter it directly into the cash machine. The number of Neqaty points available and can be redeemed will appear on the screen. Just inform the cashier how many points you wish to redeem. You will receive SMS containing the confirmation code of the Neqaty points you wish to redeem. Just provide the code to the cashier to complete the redemption and it will immediately be deducted from the purchase amount.

Note: you should have 4000 Neqaty points or more in your Neqaty balance to be able to redeem them and you can pay the remaining amount if there is an amount exceeding the value of the points redeemed.


You can collect Neqaty points at the following outlets:

‬No. City Region Address
1 Riyadh Central Al-Sulaymaniah – Orouba St. – Men & Ladies
2 Riyadh Central Al-Sulaymaniah – King Abdulaziz Rd. and Orouba St. intersection - Ladies only
3 Riyadh Central Exit 14, Omar Bin Abdulaziz Rd. next to Al-Sadhan – Men & Ladies
4 Riyadh Central Abu Bakir St. and Rafha St. intersection – Ladies only
5 Jeddah Western Al-Khaldeyah - near the Civil Defence
6 Jeddah Western Al-Tahliyah Street, Al-Tahliyah Plaza – Ladies Only
7 Jeddah Western Al-Tahliyah Street, Al-Tahliyah Plaza – Ladies Only
8 Khubar Eastern King Fahad Rd and 26th St. intersection – Men & Ladies

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