Al Borg Medical Labs


Al Borg Medical Labs

Al Borg Medical Laboratories was established in 1998 as a 100% Saudi Limited Liability Company in Jeddah; the heart of the Western province providing a wide range of clinical and diagnostic tests for its clients. Al Borg medical laboratories now has become the largest chain of private laboratories with more than 25 labs across KSA.‬


You can collect Neqaty points at the following Laboratories:

No. Region City Address
1 Central Riyadh Olaya St., in front of Computer Market, Al-Mizan tower, 2nd floor
2 Central Riyadh Khalid bin Al-Waleed St., Al-Rawdah District, Al-Sharq Bookstore building, 2nd floor
3 Central Riyadh King Abdulaziz Rd., Al-Sahafa District, Megamar Market building, 2nd floor
4 Central Riyadh Khalid bin Al-Waleed St., Kurtuba District, Pizza Hut building, 2nd floor
5 Central Qassim King Khaled Rd., AlRajhi Building no. 12, 1st floor
6 Central Hail Khamseen St., King Abdullah District  
7 Western Jeddah King Abdulaziz St., Al Bilad Bank building, 1st floor
8 Western Jeddah Palestine St., Jarir Bookstore building, 2nd floor
9 Western Jeddah Al-Madina Rd., Al-Khayyat tower, 2nd floor
10 Western Jeddah Prince Sultan St., Al-Salamah District, Al-Salamah  Center, 3rd floor
11 Western Jeddah Al-Ajwad St., Al-Samer District, in front of Tahweel AlRajhi, 2nd floor
12 Western Jeddah Al-Thaghir District, Al Bilad Bank building, 1st floor
13 Western Taif Shehar St., Taif Mall
14 Western Madinah Al-Madina Rd., Abu Ouf Plaza Building, 1st floor
15 Western Makkah Al-Hijra Rd., International Medical Clinics center, 2nd floor
16 Western Makkah Al Shawqiya, The Main St., after the traffic signal of Albaik restaurant,  Halawani Raouche building
17 Western Yanbu Yanbu Al Balad, Al Arbeen St., (Ali Ibn Abi Talib) in front of Jarir Bookstore
18 Eastern Dammam First St., Al-Tubaishi District, Al-Hussaini Commercial Tower, 2nd floor
19 Eastern Khubar King Abdulaziz St., Al-Khuzaim Center, 2nd floor
20 Eastern Al-Ahsa'a Dahran St., Al-Jabir Center, next to Riyadh Bank, 2nd floor
21 Eastern Jubail King Faisal St., next to Riyadh Bank, 2nd floor
22 Northern Tabouk Prince Sultan St., Al-Olaya District, Al-Harthi Building, 1st floor
23 Southern Jazan Jazan  Development Company building, 3rd floor
24 Southern Abha Ring Rd., Next to Jawazat, AlRajhi Building, 2nd floor
25 Southern Khamis Mushait Atoud District, next to Al-Khamis Medical Center, 2nd floor
26 Southern Al-Baha King Abdulaziz St., Al-Thufair District
27 Southern Najran King abdulaziz Rd., next to Al-Thafir Hospital, Abha Al-Qossour building, 2nd floor