CenterPoint & Max

‪Shop for your family, your home and yourself - all on the same day and under one roof! Neqaty would like to introduce its new partner - CenterPoint. A one-stop shopping destination that includes the Babyshop, Splash, Shoemart & Lifestyle, all in one convenient location. You can also enjoy redeeming your points with Max.


‪As a Neqaty member, when you go shopping, you can hand your mobile to the cashier, and say that you would like to spend your Neqaty points. It's that simple. Please be sure to check your Neqaty points balance. If you don't have enough points, you can also pay in-part with cash.‬

‪More Details‬

‪CenterPoint to use Neqaty‬

‪Region‬ City Location
‪Central‬ ‪Riyadh‬
  • ‪King Abdullah Road‬
  • ‪Imam Saud Bin Abdul Aziz ( Exit 9)‬
  • ‪Khurais Road‬
  • ‪Othaim Mall Rabwa‬
  • ‪Riyadh Gallery‬
‪Western‬ ‪Jeddah‬
  • ‪Sitteen Street,Bawadi‬
  • ‪Dome - Amir Sultan Street‬
  • ‪Haddab Centre, Tahliya Street‬
  • ‪Mall of Arabia‬
  • ‪Aziz Mall‬





  • Corniche (Al Khaleej Road)‬
  • ‪Othaim Mall Dammam‬
  • ‪Mall of Dhahran‬
  • ‪Ohud Street‬
  • ‪Opp. Intercontinental Hotel‬




  • ‪Oasis Centre‬
  • ‪Military City Road‬
  • ‪Buraida Road, Onaiza‬
  • ‪Al Khadi Mall‬

‪MAX to use neqaty‬

‪Region‬ City Location
‪Central‬ ‪Riyadh‬
  • ‪Khurais Road – Rowda‬
  • ‪Opp. Sahara Mall - Old Airport Road‬
  • ‪Riyadh Gallery Mall‬
‪Western ‪Jeddah‬
  • ‪Serafi Mall ‬
  • ‪Next to Hera Mall, Madina Road ‬
  • ‪Haddab Centre, Tahliya Stree‬
Eastern ‪Dammam‬


  • ‪Corniche ‬
  • ‪Toyota -Mohammediya - 42 Street ‬
  • ‪Othaim Mall- trade street‬
‪Other Areas ‪Najran‬ ‪Royal Mall‬

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