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Mobily | Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Mobily Business offers remote server recovery service that reduces downtime and increase recovery speed in server outage or failure cases.

Mobily | Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)


Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Service Description

Reduces downtime, improves server failover and increases recovery speed in the event

of a server outage or failure.

Mobily’s DRaaS leverages the cloud model to help reduce data loss, improve server

failover and increase recovery speed in the event of a server outage or failure. Mobily

offers remote server recovery and support for both physical and virtualized server

environments. Through a fully-managed subscription service, the DRaaS solution can

provide organizations with more predictable costs.



Service Features

• Ready-to-go, fully-managed cloud service with alternate servers running their operating systems, applications and data in minutes in the event of server disruption.

• Support for both physical and virtualized server environments.

• Remote access self-management tools enabling easy single-click failover/failback through web-based portal.

• Improved ability to easily and frequently test server failover and recovery.

• Provides round-the-clock monitoring of the recovery environment.


Service Benefits

• Designed to achieve a near-zero recovery point objective (RPO) and a recovery time objective (RTO) within minutes.

• Helps to reduce the risk of failure to recover on unlike hardware.

• Improved return on investment.

• No idle capital and no upfront capital investment for hardware and software.

• Enable more predictable costs through a fully-managed subscription per server/per month pricing model.


What the Service Provides?

Mobily provides best-in-class services that are based on proven automation and cloud tools to facilitate quicker and improved server recovery and reliability in two distinct packages:


• For mission-critical servers requiring immediate RTO/RPO.

• Dedicated virtual servers for failover “in minutes”.

• Failover time depends on number of servers, volumes per server.

• Server failover completions are “staggered”.

•   Continuous replication: 96 snapshots/24 hours.



• Provisioning 1 hour or less to begin failover.

• Server failover completions are “staggered”.

• Immediate RPO.

• Continuous replication: 24-snapshots/24 hours.

• Cost-effectively meets recovery needs for servers running “tier 2” applications.

•   Shared resource model.


Who Benefits From this Service?

• Customers who cannot afford downtime for their business and need near-zero RTO.

• Customers who want to avoid travel to recovery site.

• Customers who want to avoid work-around for recovery on non-like hardware.

• Customers who want to avoid upfront IT recovery infrastructure investments.

• Customers who have mixed operating environments (Windows, Linux).

• Customers who have skills/resources limitations.

• Customers who want to meet compliance needs.


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