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Cloud Advisory Service

Professional services to accelerate cloud adoption, integration & migration

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Cloud Advisory Services

Services Description

Professional service to accelerate cloud adoption, integration and migration.


Mobily offers a four-week multi-dimensional assessment of the customer’s IT infrastructure and assists with critical decisions required for formulating the IT strategy.

Mobilys’ Cloud Advisory service consists of cloud readiness analysis, operational, security, and compliance assessments. Mobily also offers specialized expert advice on architecture, business case development, vendor identification, transition cost mapping and risk mitigation.

The Cloud Advisory service provides comprehensive resource-utilization reports as a value-added service to customers interested in migrating their IT infrastructure to a cloud-based model.


Services Features

•   Unique software-driven approach to capture the customer’s IT infrastructure footprint, inventory and performance data including system resource utilization.

•   Unbiased evaluation by a team of experts from the IT environment, backed by advisory services on moving mission-critical, production and web-scale applications to the cloud.

•   Comprehensive four-week assessment considering peak and non-peak usage intervals for a holistic overview of the IT environment.


Services Benefits

•   Reports: Accelerated sales and marketing activities through comprehensive resource-utilization reports.

•   ROI Analysis: Clarity on the economic benefits of potential cloud services including ROI and TCO analysis.

•   Workshops: Detailed workshop sessions at the end of the assessment presenting analysis in an integrated manner alongside customer-specific results derived from the data collected.


What the Service Provides?

Mobily offers Cloud Advisory Services with:

• Advisor Cloud Assessment.

• SAP Cloud Readiness Analysis.

• Cloud Operational Assessments.

• Cloud Security and Compliance Assessments.

• Point-Expertise on specific areas.


Who Benefits From this Service?

• Customers with an underperforming IT, unrealized ROI.

• Customers who are new to virtualization and cloud computing and need a business case.

• Customers who have no Disaster Recovery Strategy.

• Customers who have a legacy infrastructure hardware reaching its end of life.


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