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Business Continuity Resilience Services


Business Continuity Resilience Services

We live in a world that is ‘always on’. Tolerance for application downtime and unavailable data is at an all-time low.

Organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on their IT systems as the primary interface with their customers and communities. Any delay reflects directly on the brand image, and interruption of key applications is viewed as unacceptable.

Utilizing the latest technologies, the Mobily and IBM Alliance provides the breadth of solutions you need for an end-to-end resiliency strategy. With your particular business model, locations, and requirements in mind, we can help design an effective business resilience plan and tailored solution for your business. Combining local expertise with regional and global resources, the Alliance services can do everything from helping you get started with business continuity planning, to creating tailored availability, data protection, and disaster recovery solutions that align with your unique business requirements.


  • Analyse the impact of business disruption, and the cost of downtime, and address any gaps.
  • Assess how you can support your business and IT processes when unexpected disruptive events occur.
  • Support the resiliency of your applications through data replication and IT recovery.
  • Benefit from over 1,800 dedicated IBM business continuity professionals and over 160 IBM business resilience centres around the world.
  • Extensive experience based on more than 50 years of business resilience and disaster recovery experience.
  • Ability to plan, design, implement and manage a business resilience solution that meets your organization’s needs.
  • Respected industry analysts recognize IBM as a leader in business continuity and resilience.


  • Proactively identify, understand, and manage operational risks.
  • Maintain near continuous business operations.
  • Protect your brand and reputation and maintain customer and partner relationships, positioning you for growth.
  • Remain a trusted provider to your customers, suppliers, and your business community.
  • Reduce costs through improved return on investment, leveraging technology and simplifying IT management.
  • Respond locally, regionally, or globally to opportunities, threats and regulatory pressures.

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