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MidasBuy is a top-up centre for of popular video games, music, videos and other forms of entertainment. However, it is mostly known for handling the in-game purchases for PUBG and PUBG Mobile. The platform provides users with a number of special offers and promotional activities

Tencent MidasBuys though Midasbuy website


It starts by visiting https://www.midasbuy.com/midasbuy/sa, select the country, then select the game.

How do I subscribe to the (MidasBuy)?

No subscription required its onetime payment.

Who is eligible to subscribe to the (MidasBuy) through Mobily? 

All Mobily Customer

I already have the (MidasBuy). How can I change my payment method to “Mobily add to bill”?

  • Go to Midasuby
  • Select game
  • Select a category
  • Select an item
  • Select "Pay by Mobile"
  • Select "Mobily"