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Credit Transfer

Transfer credit from your Mobily Postpaid or Prepaid number to any Mobily prepaid customer

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What is Credit Transfer?

All Mobily active postpaid and prepaid subscribers can transfer credit from their mobile to another prepaid customer. With Mobily Credit Transfer service, you can show your friends and family that you care when they run short of credit, or cannot get a recharge card at that moment

How to

Transfer Credit from Postpaid / Prepaid line to Prepaid line:

  • First method:

Credit Transfer

Enter Mobile: 966:

Enter PIN code:

  • Second method:
  1. Dial *123#
  2. Press the call key, and then you will be requested through an interactive menu to enter the phone number of the recipient as well as the credit amount you want transferred.
  • Third method:
  1. Dial *123*mobile number*Amount#
  2. Press the call key.
  3. If the credit is successfully transferred, you will receive a notification that the credit transfer has been successfully accomplished.
  • Furth method:
Through Mobily website by login to “My Mobily”
  • Fifth method:
SMS: Send a message to 1100 that contains the prepaid receiver mobile number followed by a space, then the credit amount (5, 10, 15, 20)

Postpaid to Prepaid Credit Transfer:

Terms & Conditions

  • Postpaid customers can transfer credit to prepaid lines only.
  • Credit Transfer from postpaid to postpaid is not allowed.
  • Service fee is 1 SAR / transaction
  • Credit Transfer values 5,10,15,20 SAR per transaction
  • Monthly allowed limit is 150 SAR/month
  • Transfer is not allowed while roaming
  • Transfer is not allowed if postpaid customer has unpaid due bill or he/she reached his credit limit.
  • The line must be active for more than 6 months.

Prepaid to Prepaid Credit Transfer:

Terms & Conditions

  • Transaction fee is 0.5 SAR
  • The amount transferred should be a multiple of 5 (5, 10, 15, 20)
  • You have an unlimited amount of transfers per day.
  • The minimum transfer amount per transaction is SAR5.
  • The maximum transfer amount per transaction is SAR20.
  • For new activated prepaid lines, the following conditions must be met in order to be able to transfer credit:

              - Initial balance cannot be transferred

              - The minimum first recharge is 10 SAR

              - Credit transfer allowed after second recharge and consuming SAR 35 from balance

              - The minimum remaining balance after the transfer is 25 SAR 

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