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Self Improvement Services


Self Improvement Services

Professor Tarek Al-Habib comes to you in the most clear, efficient and interesting way, transmitting his messages effortlessly to your heart through the smooth flow of his voice, content of his messages and videos
Exclusively to Mobily users, daily episodes of Dr Tarek Al Habib on all family matters, improving yourself through independency and exclusively and for the first time ever we offer the soul and sports.


  • This service offers subscribers a full set of information about the secret of leading a healthy and successful psychological life through videos exclusively to Mobily users. 
  • Daily content updates
  • Regular updates tip and advices from Doctor Tarek Al-Habib
  • The service provides to the subscriber a chance to have books and publications of Dr. Tarek Al Habib free and to free psychological consultation in Motmaena Medical Center.

How to Subscribe

  • User subscribes by sending the sub command to the short code 606550
  • User Un-subscribe by sending un sub command to the Short code 606550

Note: Free payment for the first week

       Channels Name   Channel Brief         





 Price daily

Content of secret tips just for you

to have happy and

successful family life

6 U6 66 Hlala
Fitness and Health

Content of the creativity

in the sport environment,

anger management skill,

our children and sport

7 U7 66 Hlala

Content of the positive and

motivational messages that

encourage you to achieve and fulfill

your goalsfrom psychological point

of views

8 U8 66 Hlala


Other services :

1- Exclusively for Mobily users, Dr Omro Khaled comes to you in his interesting and unique way to discuss the biggest social matters ranging from ethics and treatment to family relations and actual daily events from our society


2- Enjoy your life with Sheikh Dr. Mohamed Al-Arifi on how to deal with your spouse, children, relatives and people in general in addition to stories, events and anecdotes from different aspects of life in addition to exclusive parts for Mobily users only from the new program “The Last World”



How to Subscribe :

• User subscribes by sending the sub command to the short code number
• User Un-subscribe by sending un sub command to the Short code number.

Note: Free payment for the first week

Channels name  Channels Brief       



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Short Code # Price daily  

Basmat Amal – Dr. Amr Khaled

Videos about the important

social topics in terms of manners,

behaviors, relationships along with

daily stories

8 u8 610501 66 Hlala
Enjoy Your Life - Dr. Mohammad Al-Erifi

Practical tips in enhancing

your perspectives in live

and how to deal

with people to enjoy your life

5 u5 603344 66 Hlala
Al Jawhara - Dr. Mohammad Al-Erifi

Clips, inspiring messages,

true stories that made

just for the women

6 u6 603344 66 Hlala
The Last World - Dr. Mohammad Al-Erifi

Clips and behind the scenes

from the TV program “The last world”

7 u7 603344 66 Hlala


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