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Devices Carnival From Mobily


Devices Carnival From Mobily

Now and for limited time ..

Enjoy a very special discount on selected collection of smartphones like iPhone, Samsung and other which is available only on the below Flagship stores. 

Region City Location
Central  Riyadh King Abdullah Road, Mega Riyadh
Central  Riyadh Tawaren, King Fahad Road
Central  Riyadh Olaya Street
Central  Riyadh Bat'haa
Western  Jeddah Mega Jeddah, Tahlia Street
Western  Jeddah Bagdadiah Distract, Madina Road
Western  Jeddah Palestine Street
Western  Jeddah Jabal Omar
Western  Jeddah Al Azizia
Western  Madinah Sultana Street
Western  Madinah Madinah Haram
Eastern Khobar Mega Khobar, Dhahran Highway
Eastern Dammam King Saud Street, Dammam


Device Price
iPhone 6s Plus 16GB SAR 2000
iPhone 6s Plus 64GB SAR 2500
iPhone 6s Plus 128GB SAR 2750
iPhone 4G 16GB SAR 550
iPhone 4G 32GB SAR 650
iPhone 4S 32GB SAR 650
iPhone 4S 16GB SAR 550
iPhone 4S 64GB SAR 750
iPhone 5 16GB SAR 950
iPhone 5 32GB SAR 1050
iPhone 5 64GB SAR 1050
iPhone 5s 16GB SAR 900
iPhone 5s 32GB SAR 1200
iPhone 5s 64GB SAR 1600
iPhone 6 16GB SAR 1949
iPhone 6 64GB SAR 2339
iPhone 6 128GB SAR 2699
iPhone6 Plus 16GB SAR 1700
iPhone6  Plus 64GB SAR 1900
iPhone6 Plus 128GB SAR 2400
iPhone 6s 64GB SAR 2069
iPhone 6s 128GB SAR 2249
iPhone SE 16GB SAR 1250
iPhone SE 64GB SAR 1500
Huawei Ascend P7 SAR 815
hTC M8 DS SAR 999
hTC M9 SAR 1249
LG Flex SAR 999
Nokia Lumia 1020 SAR 799
Sony Z3 SAR 1499
Smsg Glxy Note4 SAR 1549
Smsg Glxy Alpha SAR 1149
Smsg Glxy S5 LTE 16 SAR 1159
Samsung Galaxy Note II  SAR 899
Samsung Note 10in SAR 899
Samsung S7 GLD SAR 1900
Samsung S7 Edge GLD SAR 2100


  • Payment to be made in cash only.
  • Smartphones available for all Mobily customers.

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