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Fingerprint Registration


Fingerprint Registration



Based on instructions from CITC, the authorized organization in supervising telecom operations in Saudi Arabia, a fingerprint validation will be a required for customers’ validations on all telecom operators in Saudi Arabia.

So Mobily has adjusted all its systems to be in-line with the new system to apply them on customers according to the terms and conditions of the CITC.

And now, Mobily is working in applying these new systems and welcomes customers in all showrooms and stores for that.



What is fingerprint validation?

It’s an identity validation, done by customers to secure their rights.

The customer’s fingerprint is connected to the SaudiNIC database, so the customer’s data in the SaudiNIC is the data that would be matched with his data in Mobily database.


When do I have to submit my fingerprint?

All customers must submit their fingerprints. Fingerprints have become a main procedure of identity validation in all telecom operators in Saudi Arabia.


Is fingerprint validation a compulsory on everyone?

Yes, according to the official instructions, all telecom customers must do the fingerprint validation to save their numbers and update their information.


What about people with special needs?

The rules do not exclude anyone, including people with special needs, and there are special instructions to help them and special terms and conditions for their fingerprint validation. The customer must come to the branch to validate his identity and a Mobily employee will assist him.


Where can I submit my fingerprint?

In all Mobily’s branches and stores, choose the closest branch to you and our employees will assist you immediately. 

also you can submit your fingerprint at any of our partners:

  1. Extra
  2. Jarir
  3. Lulu
  4. Carrefour
  5. Othaim
  6. Emax
  7. Bindawood



How long does the fingerprint validation take?

It won’t take a lot of time, a few seconds is all you need to submit your fingerprint. Just head to the closest branch to you.


Will Mobily keep my fingerprint?


Mobily just take a scan of the fingerprint and send it to the SaudiNIC for validation, in case of matching the service will be activated, if it mismatched it won’t be activated.


Which finger should I use?

The right thumb is the main fingerprint for the validation. In case of it being not available any fingerprint will do, and Mobily employees have thorough instructions for these cases.


Will lines’ activations procedures change? And update information?


All procedures will stay the same, only adding an extra step which will take a few seconds only, which is the fingerprint validation, and the success or failure of the activation will be based on that step.


Will women need an identifier?

No, she must come personally to the branch, also there are branches exclusively for women.


Will a father be able to do this procedure in place of his family?


The presence of the beneficiary or the line holder is a mandatory for activation because his/her data is the one approved by the SaudiNIC. 


What about “Power of Attorney”?

“Power of Attorney” aren’t accepted, fingerprint validation must be done by the line holder himself.


Is fingerprint validation mandatory for new activations only?


Fingerprint validation is required for new activation and a lot of other services like changing the SIM card, changing number, moving ownership… etc.


Is fingerprint validation mandatory on pre-paid lines only?


It’s mandatory on all lines, pre-paid, post-paid and data lines.


Is fingerprint validation required also for updating information?

Yes, it’s required also for updating information. It’s the main means of validation.


Are there any fees associated with fingerprint registration? 

No, It’s completely free of charge service