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Service Description

SIP Trunk Service provides direct voice solution in which a fixed link associated with unlimited landline numbers, which is matching fixed voice business requirements. SIP Trunk Service provide flexible bundles and competitive call rates, which is meeting different segment’s needs. Service is available in all kingdom of Saudi Arabia based on Mobily fixed network coverage.


Service Features

  • Affordable subscription.
  • Very competitive rates for calling Mobile & landlines numbers.
  • Multiple access technologies options (GPON , AE , PMP , P2P)
  • Scalability: You can have your SIP trunk starting with 10 landlines numbers and up to 300,000 landlines numbers.


Service Benefits

  • Cost reduction on subscription & rates (Free CUG).
  • Multiple coverage option with redundant routes.
  • One summary invoice for all your SIP trunk services
  • Full controlling on line level (set credit limit, block international /mobile per line).
  • Flexibility: You can design your SIP trunk by flexible combination of number of channels and landlines.
  • Earn more Neqati points.


What the Service Provides?

  • Layer-3 data connectivity circuit with Private IP VLAN.
  • Unlimited numbers of channels & landlines numbers, up to 100,000 channels & 300,000 landlines numbers.
  • Optional and discounted back-up link upon request.
  • Service can be also provide short code number after CITC approval obtained by Customer.


Who Benefits From this Service?

Customers who need:

  • To build your own voice platform with full controllability on line-by-line budget.
  • To ensure high quality voice and low latency for different business needs.
  • A fully scalable & redundant SIP Trunk service that supports their business needs.

800 Toll-Free Number

Universal Access Number 9200

SIP Backup Link Service


SIP Value added Services


How to activate

  • Call 901 for Mobily Business customers
  • Call 0560100901 for non-Mobily Business customers
  • Send e-mail to: business.sales@mobily.com.sa

Need help?

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For Mobily Business customer care center please call 901, and 0560100901 for non Mobily Business customers

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