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Bulk SMS


Service Description


Mobily’s Bulk SMS service provides the option of sending a large volume of messages to different users through the Mobily network, while directly benefiting from volume SMS rates’ discounts. Whether it is for authentication, information, promotional messages or customer service orientated communications, Mobily Bulk SMS can provide a timely and cost-efficient mass-market communication tool.


Service Features

  • Cost-effective and efficient.
  • Interactive two-way communication.
  • Full-Geographic Network Redundancy: Providing two messaging gateways in different geographic locations, with customers having access to both.
  • Customer database confidentiality that is never used, nor shared with any third party.


Service Benefits

  • Cost savings and low overheads.
  • Smooth business operations with a fully automated and responsive messaging system.
  • Business continuity and peace of mind with fully redundant connections.
  • Enhanced business-to-client relationship by limiting spam, and elevating confidentiality and security.
  • Consistent brand communications enhancing brand image and awareness.


What the Service Provides?

  • One-Way Bulk SMS:

    • Send-Only mechanism: Business customer can only send messages to end-users.
    • Customer will get account to send SMS to end user.


  • Two-Way Bulk SMS:

    • Send to and Receive messages from end-users.
    • Customer will get account to send SMS to end user and A 6-digit Short Code (618XXX) for receiving.
  • Customers can choose between the Postpaid or Prepaid payment options.


Who Benefits from This Service?

For business customers who need to send a large number of SMS to a wide base of mobile phone users at much reduced rates per SMS.


How to activate

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Business Support Customer Care Center



For Mobily Business customer care center please call 901, and 0560100901 for non Mobily Business customers

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