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Always connected, always available

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Service Description

Always connected, always available

Mobily’s AntiDDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a cloud-based service which proactively monitors customer’s traffic patterns and provides 24/7 remote management, auto detection, and risk mitigation against DDoS attacks from Mobily’s world-class scrubbing center.


Mobily offers business Anti DDoS service that eliminated the operational expenses of identifying the problem, dealing with it, and moving services back on-line. Leveraging Mobily’s world class scrubbing farms located within the Kingdom; the service is backed by precise and transparent SLAs where Mobily is an industry leader.



Service Features

• Provides anomaly detection, packet scrubbing, traffic analysis, and e-mail trap alerts.

• Predictable monthly service subscription.

• Flexible offerings and service items that can be added individually.

• Rapid deployment and ease of management.

• A robust, all-inclusive information security portal.

• Mitigation of high-volume traffic and application layer attacks.

• Online customer reports to monitor and assess anomalies.


Service Benefits

• Focus on customer’s main business and be shielded from day-to-day infrastructure concerns and risks.

• Start immediately rather than build and manage own solution.

• Service reliability and attack mitigation are included within the solution.

• Rapidity of deployment and ease of management.

• Enjoy peace of mind and achieve long-term ROI by converting customer’s CAPEX into OPEX.


What the Service Provides?

A cloud-based DDoS detection and mitigation service.

Customers can implement a robust Anti-DDoS service without investing in expensive hardware or professional services, comes in two packages:

• Cloud DDoS

• Cloud Dedicated


Who Benefits From this Service?

For customers who need protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks with 24/7 proactive monitoring, remote management, and mitigation.


How to activate

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