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Virtual Private Network through Internet Protocol (IP VPN) Service

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Service Description

IP-VPN is a reliable and secured Layer-3 service that enables Mobily Business customers to use the standard Internet Protocol (IP) to connect two or more sites, buildings or branches through a single virtual private network that enables flexible and continuous data and applications exchange between different users and nodes. Service deliver on Mobily next generation MPLS global network.


Service Features

  • Many Access Technologies options.
  • Flexible Speeds choices.
  • Full range of network topologies.
  • Different CoS profiles.
  • Resilience options.
  • Committed service with a service level agreement for performance and support.
  • Self Service Portals (Billing, Support, Utilization).


Service Benefits

  • A Layer-3 MPLS VPN service with Peace of Mind from only one committed provider.
  • Guarantees high prioritization and low latency through different CoS.
  • Mobily’s professional, round-the-clock support, all week, 24/7.
  • Different coverage & backup options.
  • Scalable and reliable service.
  • Easily managed through Mobily’s self-service portals.


What the Service Provides?

  • Layer-3 data connectivity circuit with one private IP based on customer’s defined WAN IPs.
  • Bandwidth ranging from 1 Mbps up to 10 Gbps.
  • Full range of network topologies: Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point and Multi-Point to Multi-Point.
  • Different classes of service that meet WAN traffic prioritization.
  • Optional and discounted back-up link upon request.
  • Free Router configuration.


Who Benefits from This Service?

Business Customers who need:

  • To build a reliable and secure enterprise WAN with a committed bandwidth per branch to enable their ICT needs.
  • To ensure high prioritization and low latency for different business needs.
  • A fully-scalable & redundant connectivity service that supports their business needs.




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For Mobily Business customer care center please call 901, and 0560100901 for non Mobily Business customers

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