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Connect Mobile
With Mobily Data Bundles, enjoy high speed internet on your mobile, anytime and anywhere.
Connect Mobile
The Internet Basic bundle is automatically activated for prepaid and postpaid Mobily subscribers.

Explore our packages below:

PackageBundle Fees/ SRFree MB IncludedAdditional MBSMS Code to subscribeSMS Code to renewSMS Code to unsubscribe
 Internet BasicFree0SR/MB 2.048
 Hourly Package10 SR / HourUnlimited Sub Hour   
 Daily Package24 / DayUnlimited Sub Day   
 Internet 30 MB10 / monthSR 30SR/MB 2.048Sub 30MB Renew ConnectUnSub 30MB  
 Internet 100 MB25 / monthSR 100SR/MB 2.048Sub 100MBRenew ConnectUnSub 100MB 
 Internet 1GB *79 SR/Month1 GBSR/MB 2.048333-5333 
 Internet 2 GB100 / monthSR 2,048 SR/MB 2.048Sub 2GRenew ConnectUnSub 2G 
 Internet 5 GB200 / monthSR 5,120SR/MB 2.048Sub 5GRenew ConnectUnSub 5G 
 Unlimited Internet350 / monthUnlimited Sub UnlimitedRenew ConnectUnSub Unlimited 

* 1 GB Package is available till 25/06/2014

Text the SMS code for your chosen package to 1100.

For further details, visit your nearest Mobily outlet or call our helpline on 1100.

To find your Internet settings:

1) What are Mobily Data Bundles?
Mobily Data Bundles are the revised Internet tariffs for data on your mobile. The new tariffs will apply to all mobile Internet and data transfer bundles. They will apply to both 2.5G and 3G data plans. The new Internet tariffs consist of a new basic tariff and 5 MB bundles. These new tariffs will replace the current Internet tariffs.

2) How can I find out the remaining MB balance on my Data Bundle?
Postpaid: Send an SMS to 1411
Prepaid: Use the keypaid to type *1422#
All customers can also access the Mobily menu (*1100#), then select Account Info & Remaining Balances.

3) How can I cancel my subscription to a Mobily Data Bundle?
By calling Customer Service (1100) or visiting any Mobily outlet.

4) Is the subscription automatically renewed every month?
For postpaid customers, it will be automatically renewed each month.
Prepaid customers will receive an SMS 3 days prior to the end of their subscription period to confirm their subscription renewal. They will also receive a message upon renewal.

5) How can I use the Mobily Data Bundle?
Mobily Data Bundles can be used for WAP and Internet access in Saudi Arabia only. MMS will not be included.

6) Can I use the service whilst roaming abroad?
Yes, you can use your Data Bundle in United Arab Emirates and Egypt without any roaming charges. For other countries, data usage will be charged according to roaming rates.

7) Do Mobily Data Bundles need special settings to use?
Normal Internet settings are applied.

To find the Internet settings:
Text '2' to 1100
Or use the Mobily menu command *1100# (From left to right).

8) Is there an activation fee on subscribing to the Mobily Data Bundle?
No, there is no activation fee.

9) Is there a daily cap when using Mobily Unlimited?
Yes, in order to ensure a better quality of service there is a 1 GB maximum download cap per day.

Postpaid Customers :

1) When will the monthly fee for the Mobily Data Bundle be  deducted from my account?
The monthly fee will be deducted at the end of the month (SR 10 or  25 for a full month fee).

2) I have subscribed to the service in the middle of the month,  what will the charge be for this month? 
Monthly fees are proportional (if you activate the service in the  15th of the month then you will be charged only for the days used).

3) Do I have to renew the service at the end of the month?
No, the service is automatically renewed for postpaid customers  unless they request it to be deactivated.

4) What is the rate after I have deactivated the Mobily Data  Bundle?
The package will be completely removed. Usage of 2.5G and 3G after  that will be charged at the standard rate (SR 2.048/MB).

1) When will the monthly fee be deducted from my account?
Once you request the activation of the service, the monthly charge  will be deducted from your balance. You will have 30 days subscription from the  day the service is activated.

2) Do I have to renew the service by the end of the month?
Prepaid subscribers will be notified by SMS 3 days prior to the  renewal date, asking them to retain enough credit to renew the service.

3) Will the service be renewed automatically if I have enough  credit in my account?
If you have enough credit on the day of renewal (after 30 days  subscription), the monthly fee will be deducted. The service will be renewed  automatically, and you will receive confirmation via SMS.

4) What if there is not enough credit in my account?
A 3-day grace period will be given if you do not have enough  credit on the renewal date. If you recharge at any time in that period, the fee  will be deducted and the service will be automatically renewed. Otherwise the  service will be deactivated.

5) What will the rate be after I have used all the MB included in  my package?
All additional usage will be charged at the standard rate of SR  2.048/MB.

6) What is the rate after I have deactivated the Mobily Data  Bundle?
Usage will be charged at the standard rate of SR 2.048/MB.

7) If I deactivate the service after 10 days, what amount will be  deducted from my account?
Prepaid customers will be charged the full monthly fee. This  amount is non-refundable and deducted in advance.


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