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Vendor Management

At Mobily, we strive for efficiency and transparency, and with no room for error, our legal team is always up to date with vital information about the changes in the telecommunication industry.

Our Procurement Manual is a detailed document that organizes and regulates Mobily's relationships with its Vendors, and it's summarized as the following:

The procedures of tenders and contracts within Etihad communications (Mobily), will occur upon the highest standards of competition to ensure the best benefit of Etihad communications (Mobily).

The procurement manual will be revised and amended continuously to adhere to changes occurring to Mobily and the telecommunication market and other factor of relevance.

The procurement manual will clearly provide the guidelines of the relationship of Etihad communications (Mobily) and its vendors, and will also state the requirements of such relationship with explicit details and clarity.

Sections Briefs In The Procurement Manual:

  1. Vendor eligibility: this section will explain the requirements of eligibility of becoming a vendor of Mobily, from communication, confidentiality issues, interest management, and efficiency etc…
  2. Tender and offer assessment: this section will explain Mobily’s policy of handling the bids and tenders applied, it also regulates the relationship between Mobily and possible vendors during the assessment period.
  3. Vendor selection and final decision: this section will explain the nature of the documents exchanged and approved when selection is made, from purchasing orders to contract rough drafts, up until the final step of singing an official contract with Mobily, or the termination of said documents.
  4. Purchasing: this section will explain the process of all budgetary issues, such as pricing, purchasing and other purchasing oriented factors, and it will also explain the duties of selected vendors in the final phase of the selection process.



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