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Wajid New Packages

Mobily provides you with better choices for postpaid packages that fits your needs, You can choose between four postpaid plans 400, 300, 200 & 20 based on your usage

For more information about benefits and updated prices check the below table:










* VAT will be applied to the monthly fees and any additional usages & add services that you have consumed (The services are not included in the Package).

Enjoy really low charges:

Consumed all your free minutes and data? No problem! You can continue using the package by paying the lowest rates in the Kingdom.


Wajid 400

Wajid 300

Wajid 200

Wajid 20

On-Net Minutes Free (as it is unlimited), 0.25 SR / minute 
‪Off-Net Minutes 0.25 SR / minute 
Local SMS 0.25 SR / SMS
International SMS 0.50 SR / SMS
Data 0.30 SR / MB

Unique Number:

New customers for Wajid packages (200, 300, 400) are eligible to get a unique number as follows:

Package Tier of unique number
Wajid 400 Bronze or Silver
Wajid 300 Bronze
Wajid 200 Bronze

The eligible customers for the new Wajid packages are:

  • New customers.
  • Existing customers.
  • Customers using prepaid packages.
  • Customers from other operators (while keeping your number).

Existing Mobily customers can migrate to their favorite Wajid package by sending any of the below commands as SMS to 1100:


Wajid 400

Wajid 300

Wajid 200

Detail of usage:

​We will send you notifications to alert you on your off-net minutes and data usage in order to help you manage your bill.

Do not worry about the extra fees for internet. In case you used up all your free data during the month, we will send you new internet bundles at special prices.

International Call Rates:

Wajid new packages offer special prices for international calls starting from SR 0.55 per minute.

Please select a country to view the rates:



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