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Roam with Mobily and enjoy a better roaming prices around the world.

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With Mobily Connect Roaming Bundles you can now enjoy the Internet and check your e-mails without worrying about roaming rates. Subscribe to one of Mobily Connect Roaming Bundles and enjoy high speed internet while roaming.

Connect Roaming Bundles

Connect Roaming Bundles Price/SAR Validity
Connect Roaming Bundle 1 GB 99 3 Days
Connect Roaming Bundle 3 GB 199 7 Days
Connect Roaming Bundle 10GB 349 30 Days
Connect Roaming Bundle 20GB 499 30 Days
Connect Roaming Bundle 30GB 799 90 Days

How to Subscribe?

Subscribe to Connect Roaming:

  1. By sending one of the below SMS subscription codes to 1100.
    English Subscription Code
    Connect Roaming Bundle 1GB/3 Days Trip1
    Connect Roaming Bundle 3 GB / 7 Days Trip2
    Connect Roaming Bundle 10GB/30 Days Trip3
    Connect Roaming Bundle 20GB/30 Days Trip6
    Connect Roaming Bundle 30GB/90 Days Trip5
  2. By calling 1100.
  3. Through USSD menu by dialing *1100# > Roaming > Connect Roaming Bundles.
  4. Through Mobily Website > My account > Enter your username and password > My services > Manage services > Connect Roaming Bundles.
  5. By visiting any Mobily outlets.

What are Connect Roaming Bundles?

Connect Roaming Bundles allow customers to enjoy the Internet while roaming without worrying about high roaming rates.

Can I use Connect Roaming Bundles inside KSA?

Connect Roaming Bundles work only outside KSA while Roaming

Can I use Connect Roaming Bundles worldwide?

You can use Connect Roaming Bundles only in specific countries and operators. 

What would happen if I subscribed to one of Connect Roaming Bundles and travelled to one of the Connect Roaming destinations and started using the internet with a network not listed in the table of countries above?

You would be able to use Voice and SMS on that network but not data as data service is blocked entirely on non-Connect destinations. Please make sure to switch manually to the preferred network by following the below instructions:

  • On arrival to the country you are visiting, switch on your mobile phone.
  • Go to the network selection and choose the option manually, once the search completed; the phone will display all the available network operators you can roam with.
  • Choose the preferred network where the Connect Roaming Bundles are applied.

Are Connect Roaming Bundles available for Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers?

Yes. It is available.

If I subscribed to a Connect Roaming Bundle and travelled outside KSA but it happened that the bundle was not working on the specific network. What would I do?

1. You should make sure that you are roaming with the preferred network in the visited county.
2. If the problem is still there, you can call customer care for free by dialing *150# and ask one of our call center agents to solve your issue.

When consuming the Connect Roaming Bundle I subscribed to, what would happen if I use extra volumes?

After consuming the volume of your data Roaming Bundle you subscribed to, you will not be able to use any extra data volumes as the data service while roaming will be blocked for 24 hours. After 24 hours your data service will be unblocked automatically and standard rates will be applied.

If consumed my bundle and I am already blocked, how can I unblock my line.

You have 2 options:

  • You can subscribe again to any Connect Roaming Bundle.
  • You can send this SMS command, “UCR” to 1100 or send the USSD short code *999#. Standard rates will be applied. 


Where can I use it?

The below table shows the countries where you can make use of the Connect Roaming Bundles

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