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Introducing our new postpaid packages that meet all your needs

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New Horizons Numerous Choices

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Mobily Fiber

Internet to suit your needs

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Mobily Data Bundles & Vouchers

With Mobily Data Bundles & Vouchers, you can enjoy high-speed internet on your devices, anytime and anywhere.”

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Celkon 4G Smartphone

The new 4G smartphone from Celkon, powered by Android with attractive price and FREE data.

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Own the amazing iPhone 7 And enjoy the best coverage with 4G

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‪Join the famous IBaloot game and be a VIP while you play with the game's experts‬

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Enjoy, explore and listen to Duaa, Hadith, Quran, Anasheed, poetry, Shilat, children’s channel and more, right on your mobile.

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‪Mamlakat Al Afkar‬

‪Your creativity is our goal and your opinion is the root of our idea.‬

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Gives you a better control over your incoming calls. Every one who calls you from your "Blacklist" will be blocked

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‪The Mobily Advantage‬

  • Network and Coverage

    Read all about our high-speed wireless network, and coverage in the kingdom

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