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Multi SIM Service

Multi-SIM service enables you to use the same number for different purposes; on Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, connector, any other devices.

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What is Multi SIM?

Enjoy all the benefits of the original SIM, use any of your Multi-SIM for voice, Internet and BlackBerry service together or you can split services on different SIM cards.

To define the BlackBerry and Internet services on separate SIMs, please call Mobily Customer Care Center.

For your convenience, Micro SIM is available for your iPad, Nano SIM will be available soon.

Prices/ Tariffs

Service set-up fees are SAR 10 per SIM and SAR 5 monthly fees per SIM.

How to


Action Command Results
To activate voice SIM *200# The preferred SIM will be active for voice services
To identify the SIM ID **200#
The SIM ID will appear to customer (SIM 1 or 2 up to 5) as a flash message
To verify which SIM is active for voice *#200# The active SIM ID will appear to customer as a flash message
To activate internet on any SIM card *201# Internet is activated on the SIM card used. To activate another SIM card, contact *201# from the SIM to be activated
To cancel internet on any SIM card *202# Internet is cancelled on the SIM card used.


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