Leadership Story

Leadership Story

Mobily leadership story is narrated through its achievements supported by figures, dates, certificates, and awards; which confirms Mobily’s role in changing concepts and redefining competition locally, regionally, and internationally.


On 25th May, 2005 Mobily launches its services and exceeds 1 million subscribers after 90 days; to become the fastest growing companies in the world and begin the phase of services diversity and added values in the region.

Mobily is the first operator that secure Third Generation license from Communication and Information Technology Commission, the Telecom authority in the Kingdom.

Mobily is the first company that launches multimedia service, and launched in 2008 the first multimedia package in the Kingdom.

Mobily provides instant pay and recharge service for prepaid and postpaid through banking payment system from all Kingdom’s banks for the first time in the Kingdom Telecom sector

Mobily is the first company to present franchise concept in the Kingdom Telecom sector and achieve the fastest branches expansion process around the Kingdom.

Mobily is the first in Telecom sector to care for women segment through employment and service provider, to achieve 100% Saudization rate on the highest professional levels and in many administrative and technical fields.

Mobily is the first Saudi Telecom company providing international roaming for prepaid customers.

For the first time in the Kingdom, Mobily opens three female branches in three major cities (Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam) fitted with female facilities.

Mobily launched advanced and creative sponsorship program for all social and cultural activities which made a quantum leap in the sponsorship field in the Kingdom.


The GSM World Association describes Mobily as the fastest growing mobile operator in the Middle East and North Africa.

Mobily provides a pioneer and innovative service in the Kingdom by reserving a new number as an alternate of previous operator.

Mobily is the first operator in the Kingdom provides subscribers with answering tune control service “Ranan” which was provided through vast agreement to enrich user experience.

Mobily is the first operator in the Kingdom providing Blackberry business to enhance efficiency level.


Mobily considered the first operator in the Kingdom and one of the international operators that provides unlimited internet package, and the first operator in the Kingdom that provides internet packages for mobile phones with competitive prices and creative methods changed the use of internet in the Kingdom.

Mobily is the first company in the Kingdom provides Blackberry for individuals to shift the local user to a new experience in social communication.

Mobily is the first company to change sport investment in the Kingdom which affected the sport movement support.

Mobily is the first operator in the Kingdom that provides internet service with Blackberry as an added value.

Mobily obtain the biggest joint Islamic loan in the world till date with 10.7 Billion SAR (2.8 Billion USD)

Mobily launches the first Visual Mail service in the Kingdom.

Mobily is the first operator in the Kingdom to launch wireless Push To Talk service under the name “Mobily Over” for all Kingdom regions.

Euromoney Grants Finance Award 2007 to Saudi Arabia's Mobily

Mobily receives “Best Gulf Joint Stock Company” award from GCC stock markets forum.

Mobily is the only Saudi Telecom operator participating as a member in Davos economic forum.


Mobily receives the first position in Prince Nayef Saudization Award for Transport & Telecom sector.

Mobily reshape voice roaming through the largest roaming agreement in the world with 56 States, by receiving calls and SMS free with “Tagwali” service with the best prices worldwide.

Mobily strategically expand by acquiring “First Bayanat Co ” after singing a Memorandum of Understanding in September 2007, with the value of 1.5 Billion SAR (400 Million USD) as one of the biggest local acquisition.

Mobily for the first time in the Kingdom, after acquiring First Bayanat Co, provides (Mobily broadband) service through an advanced internet network via WiMax technology and that will support increasing internet usage in the Kingdom.

Mobily expands strategically by acquiring Zagil Telecom with 80 Million SAR. 

Mobily launches the first control service for incoming calls and SMS in the Kingdom through “Rahati” service.

Mobily the first Saudi company that allows subscribers to use their phones on airplanes through collaboration with Emirates Air.

Mobily is the first in investing in electronic games ads market in the Middle East with the collaboration with “Massive” the electronic games arm of Microsoft.

Mobily is the busiest mobile data network on the face of the planet by GSM World Association

Mobily has launched the first specialized service for females in Telecom sector by “Star” package; out of its continuity in supporting women’s role, and the service is provided through Mobily partners network around the Kingdom.

Mobily provides Raqi package specialized for VIPs with integrated and creative features and to reshape the VIP service in the Telecom & IT sector.


Mobily receives Creativity Awards from Global Telecom Business Magazine, with the collaboration with “Power Wave” and “ACES” for the largest indoor coverage in the world at King Abdulaziz Waqf in Holy Makkah.

Mobily is the first Saudi operators that launches iPhone 3G in partnership with Apple, and the first operator to provide special packages for smart phones.

Mobily is the first operator to build an environment friendly tubular tower in the Kingdom through strategic partnership with Ericsson.

Mobilys wins Creative Ad Award from Okaz Establishment by getting the first three positions for best TV ad.

Mobily is the first operator to provide IPv6 through building IPv6 network and linking it internationally.

Mobily wins Arab Technology Award for best project from ITP group for researches and publish.

Mobily is the first Arabic company to win leadership award from Dale Carnegie Establishment for Training.

Mobily wins “best media campaign” award in the Middle East and North Africa from “Mena Cristal”.


Mobily wins “best retail internal design” from Retail Design institute.

Mobily Brand wins first place in the strongest brands in the Kingdom according to Forbes.

Mobily brand among the strongest telecom brands in the world according to Informa Telecom.

Mobily is the first company in the region and North Africa, and one of three companies in Telecom sector that receives BS 25999 international certificate for business continuity from British Standards Institute


Mobily launches for the first time in the Kingdom “Mobily’s World” App for service management through App Store, and later on for Android.

Mobily wins “ME best operator award”, as per Comms MEA magazine.

Mobily wins “ME best operator award”, as per SAMENA Telecommunications

Mobily receives “Cisco award for best innovative datacenter” in the Middle East.

Mobily is the first company in the region that apply HSPA+ technology to support G3.75 network and to place mobile phone technology.

Jeddah and Dammam datacenters are the first in the region to receive (Tire II – TCCF) certificate from the American (UPTIME Institute) specialized in datacenters evaluations.

Mobily exclusively offers for the first time in the Kingdom “Unlimited roaming Internet” through the largest Wifi coverage in the world via (148 Thousand) connection point in most of airports, hotels, cafes, and restaurants worldwide.


Almalga datacenter is in the first place in Asia and 10th place worldwide by receiving (Tire IV) certificate, which is the highest classification in low risks and errors, from (UPTIME Institute).

Mobily wins first place in Price Nayef for Telecom Saudization for second time in a row.

Mobily is the first company to inaugurate female call center in Jeddah with 340 female employees working as customer care, quality control, and planning and development. The center included a training hall and nursery, and it initiated the first home-based customer care project in the Kingdom.

Mobily is the first operator in the world to start working fourth generation coverage LET before days of AT&T launching this service.

Mobily is the first company in the region to apply environment friendly SIM cards.

After launching Raqi package, Mobily reshape the postpaid lines in the Kingdom by launching “Wajid” packages that characterized by verity of choses, easy to use, and meets customers’ needs.

Mobily receives “Middle East Best Telecom Service” from ITP international group.

Mobily reshape roaming internet usage by launching the latest internet packages named “Connect Roaming” with low cost and various daily, weekly, monthly packages, and the first unlimited roaming internet.


Mobily inaugurates in collaboration with TATA Telecom the submarine cable (TGN Gulf) which connect east with west, and strengthen the Kingdom regional and international status. 

Mobily’s social media initiative wins ORACLE Innovation Award

Mobily in agreement with “Abdulateef Jameel” launches the first “WiFi” service inside vehicles.

Mobily App Store wins the best App Shop in the Middle East within The Mobile Show in Dubai.


Mobily Wins “Financial Excellence Performance” award from Forbs Magazine.

Mobily is the first operator in the region to apply HD voice call technology which works on supported smartphones.

Mobily acquires the largest share of data market in the Kingdom.

Mobily won “Best App Store” award in the region by Middle East Telecom Conference.

Mobily wins “Best Data Center” in the region by Middle East Telecom Conference.

Mobily wins “Best Telecom Operator” in the region by Middle East Telecom Conference.

Mobily launches the first innovative “Robot” in the Middle East works on Android system. The Robot is educational for children and supports technology innovation market.

Mobily launches the fastest router for networks and internet in the world by launching (IP Core 400G) network using advanced network and internet routers in collaboration with Huawei.

Mobily is the first Telecom company in the region to launch (Lock Box) cash deposit device in collaboration with Al-Rajhi Bank.

Mobily wins the ME excellence audit award from Certified Public Accountants in Wales, England.

Three international awards from (AMEC) organization for the best social media measure App, platinum award on all competition sector, and gold award for best consumer and business Telecom, and Silver award for best social media measure App.

Mobily receives HR excellence award within HR Conference in UAE, for applying excellence standards as per approved standards of European Quality Management.


Mobily wins Global Trade Review award for best trade finance deal.

Mobily launches the first smart device that combine between FTTH and IPTV under the name “eLife One” which is the first of its kind in the Middle East specialized for Mobily.

Mobily receives Cisco advanced certificate for cloud and managed services which affirms the service high capabilities.

Mobily Launches the first program in the region for cloud computing partners to integrate cloud computing special solutions in virtual community.

Mobily take the lead in Middle East companies on Yammer platform which is an internal social platform to develop business and social and professional communication among employees. It was launched in Mobily in 2009.

Mobily wins HR excellence award at 6th HR Middle East in UAE, as one of the best companies to attract human resources.

Mobily wins best employee commercial brand on GCC level from Employee Brand Institute and Stars Industrial Group with the strategic partner “CHRO Asia” and the support of Asian Business Confederation. That came for Mobily initiatives in education and development, and its excellence in hiring, training, and keeping employees; and for its keenness on innovation in these fields which make it on top of companies to attract cadres.


Mobily is the first Telecom operator in the world listed in the “Hall of Fame” by Business Continuity Institute (BCI) for the maturity of business continuity programs which confirms the flexibility and leverage of Mobily technical infrastructure.  This award comes out of Mobily’s achievements in business continuity by receiving many international and regional awards in this field like; the award for best “disaster recovery plan” in 2013, and an international award in “disaster management excellence” in 2013, and an international award for “best business continuity management” in 2014. At the level of Middle East, Mobily received “disaster recovery plan” for 2013, and 2014, and “best business continuity team work” and “best business continuity management” for 2013.

Mobily is the first company in the Kingdom to receive an accredited certificate and license to implement SAP Business One System on its cloud infrastructure to serve business sector.

Mobily adopt the first Saudi investment in a startup company to motivate bold investment in the Kingdom by adopting “Mobily قينتشرز” in “Idea Shop”

Mobily receive ISO 120000 (ISO/ICE) certificate which approved by international standards committee for applying the highest international standards on quality applications in services management and IT from (BSI) British Standards Institute.

Mobily receives “IBM Beacon” award on the business continuity and flexibility category for applying such solutions through business sector.

Mobily receives excellence award on hosting and cloud computing service quality at BCM Exchange Conference in UAE.

Mobily receives (Innovation in Business Service) award with the strategic partner “Sobix” from Global Telecoms Business.


Mobily Inaugurates Continental Submarine Cable (AAE-1) in Jeddah which connect (Asia, Africa, and Europe) which enhance the international Kingdom status in leading technology sector.

Mobily launches one of the most talent localization programs through “Qyady” program which aims to develop senior executives in collaboration with big universities and training centers.

Mobily makes the first test in the Kingdom to transform towards fifth generation “Pre 5G” in collaboration with pioneer companies in this field.

Mobily is the first operator in the region to launch “Mobily Protect” service to protect smartphones; which is the first of its kind to guarantee fixing failures and replace devices as per order. 

Mobily with Huawei perform the first successful test in the region on advanced fourth generation technology which allow speed to reach 600 Mbps.

Mobily wins “best operator for business services” award from Telecom Review

Mobily receives  “leading managed information security for business sector” from GIL

Mobily holds the first workshop for enterprises performance evaluation with the participation of many large companies in the Kingdom in various sectors.

Mobily Wins Sustainable Online Learning Award for its success in employees’ education initiatives from SkillSoft and XpertLearning who are one of the biggest providers of learning and training services in the world.


Sanad Children’s Cancer Support Association Honors Mobily for its leading social responsibility role.

Prince Khalid Al Faisal Honors Mobily For Acceding Advanced Rank Within The Best 100 Brands In the Kingdom For the 3rd Consecutive Time