Human Resources Development


Human Resources Development

Human Resources Development


Human Resources Development

Mobily is a pioneer partner in the national development movement and in supporting social and business responsibility values in line with 2030 Vision in developing Human Resources and leading the Telecom and IT sector. This done through a strategic development based on four hubs that address the external dimension of community and the internal dimension of Mobily; which are the nationalization and saudization hub and supporting national competencies, empowerment and creating attractive and optimum work environment hub, leadership of Telecom and IT sector hub that comply with the Kingdom’s position regionally and internationally which reflects the advanced level of Mobily national cadres, then society through different charity, cultural, and community activities hub.

First Hub: Nationalization

Saudization and supporting national competencies

Mobily established the principle of nationalization since its launch, and became one of inspiring examples in the private sector for Saudization, development and training, and empowering women in new positions, which awarded the company the first place in Saudization and allow shaping the manpower national capital which is still continuing till now. That resulted in creating Saudi leaders and competencies in various management, technology, and technical fields.

Nationalization vary in all possible dimensions, whether by supporting university and school students, or Scientific research centers, entrepreneurs, or many other programs that aims to nationalize sectors like; network, IT, digital development, sales, customer services, and many others. 

Talent Acquisition

Mobily always seeks to support national competencies, and present in the most important nationalization and talent acquisition activities locally and internationally by visiting overseas scholarship students. Mobily always has a full confidence in the capabilities and will of young Saudis. 


Since its inception till now, Mobily puts students support as one of its goals in the social responsibility field. This support took shape through continuous efforts like; monthly rewards for top students and giving them priority in working at Mobily establishments. Moreover; providing financial, technological, and technical support to different education authorities, and contracting with the biggest international technological and educational institutes, and providing administration and technical consultation to various local educational institutes by contracting with universities, centers and large enterprises. 

Mobily also provides annual summer training program for university students in collaboration with local universities to support our students in conducting university researches within Mobily work environment.


Mobily launched the first Saudi conference for mobile App developers in order to build an active App development society. This conference targets developers and entrepreneurs which include many initiatives like; Mobily Hackthon competition and supporting Saudi science teams who participate in international competitions. Moreover; Mobily was the first local company to invest and adopt entrepreneurs’ small businesses.

Scientific Research

Mobily provided financial and technical support to different specialized research sectors, and memorandum of understandings were singed with the best Saudi universities to develop different activities like; research labs, students’ education, and improving e-learning methods. 

Second Hub: The Empowerment

Training, Development, and Education

Mobily Human Resources development strategy comply with 2030 Vision through various objectives like; providing the latest training and development methods in collaboration with the biggest international centers to quality manpower inside and outside the company through courses and programs. This is to achieve sustainable education objectives on the long and short run.

Leaders Empowerment

Mobily achieved several objectives by empowering national competencies in holding leadership positions in various administrative and technical departments.

QIADY Program

“QIADY” program has been launched to continue building and developing talents for the future, identify and develop Mobily’s talents and leaders who have high potential, develop individuals for higher positions and roles and to retain employees and talents. This is to support the sustainability of the success of Mobily.

Elite Program

Mobily launched Elite Program to become the best training-end-with-hiring program in the Kingdom. The program targets young talents and competencies and achieved many accomplishments reflected in allowing program graduates to hold leadership and effective positions contributed in the continuous leadership of Mobily.

Mobily Toastmaster

Mobily launched the first Toastmaster Club in the Telecom & IT sector that teaches elocution. The program achieved a great success, therefore; the company expanded the clubs to become five clubs in the most important areas in the Kingdom, and one of these clubs is for females and other is for English speakers.

Toastmaster clubs aims to develop elocution and leadership skills by developing its members to become exceptional.

Electronic Learning

Mobily provides innovative methods in training and development one of which is electronic learning in collaboration with the biggest e-learning organizations in the world to enhance sustainable education.

Mobily received the highest awards in this field.

Third Hub: Leadership

Leading the Telecom & IT Sector

Mobily operates through its Telecom & IT sector leadership principle which was translated through receiving the highest international classifications of its infrastructure, and through its competitive leadership of the sector based on the advanced level of Mobily manpower.

Technical Infrastructure

Mobily leadership story over Telecom & IT sector narrates all the accomplishments in this field, whereas profit was not the main engine since social responsibility was the first benchmark to establish the technical infrastructure which guarantees Mobily service to access all areas and regions regardless of its population density. In addition to covering main roads and unpopulated areas to fulfill our arm forces request at our boarders. Moreover; our infrastructure provides the best coverage capacity that leads to better use with less cost, and allow Mobily services and products to reach all society segments. Mobily also seeks to provide its services in the most important tourism and educational places, and festival, economic, cultural, sport, and community occasions.

Services and Products

Mobily led the change of Saudi and Regional Market competitive language in the field of Telecom and IT through inventing quality products and services. And the company is still a pioneer in meeting customers’ expectations.

Fourth Hub: Society

Social and charity work

Our Saudi Identity:

Mobily is proud of its Saudi identity and its participation with all national cultural and community activities. Mobily is a permanent partner in celebrating the National Day and Al Janadriyah festival and supporting the most important national events through financial, technical, administration, or media support in order to enhance Mobily’s role as a leading Saudi company.

Charity Partnership:

Mobily collaborated strategically with several charity organizations and supported many other associations in various ways. The major supported Associations are: (Disabled Child Association), (Sanad Children's Cancer Support Association), (Ensan Organization For Orphan Care), (Saudi Society for Hearing Impairment), (Saudi Cancer Society), (Affection charity to reduce the divorce and its effects), (Prince Fahd Society for the care of patients with renal failure. both of us), (Purity for anti-Smoking Charitable Association), and many other Associations that take care of married people support, family support, disabled support, elderly and patient support, work seekers and poor support. Above Associations and organizations provide their help all over the Kingdom. Additionally; Mobily supports charitable, cultural, and career festivals, and participate in relief works.

The types of support for these Associations took shape by direct financial support, or investment support to create a sustainable source of income, or by donation campaigns and providing the methods of donations and promoting it through media and other activities to urge merchants and individuals to donate. Moreover; Mobily provided its administration and technical expertise to quality and train charity work seekers.


Holy Places/Sites:

Mobily excelled since its establish in Hajj season and presented many one a kind initiatives in the private sector. Such excellence was due to two factors; the first one is providing necessary technical infrastructure in the network most crowded season, and the second is charitable participation by exerting a lot of efforts in distributing hundreds and thousands of water bottles, umbrellas, and prayer carpets on every Hajj season. Also sending millions of awareness SMSs to pilgrims in coordinating with the Ministry of Hajj. Mobily also provided high speed wireless internet (WiFi) free in the Holy places which helped media reporters to report the events.

Additionally, mobily provided its services and point of sales all over the Holy Places and international airports with specific offers and packages designated to Piligrims.

Sport Community:

Mobily provided a quantum leap in Saudi sport Investment which impacted the region. Mobily responsibility towards sport community was shaped through investment, sponsorship, and support in all sport fields and in every major sport events on all levels like; major sport clubs, school students, and even Mobily employees.

Sport support for school students was the first of its kind in the Kingdom which was provided to all areas in collaboration with the Ministry of Education under the title (Saudi Schools Mobily League), this project was conducted through Mobily experience in contracting with the biggest local and international clubs.

Moreover; supporting various sport activities like sponsoring the biggest charitable marathon in the Kingdom which is Jeddah Marathon since 2008 in collaboration with Albir Society Jeddah in order to facilitate a source of income to the Society and to spread healthy culture among the community.

Culture & Tourism:

Mobily supported the national cultural tourism activities on all levels whether by supporting markets and various other activities. Mobily was a leader in sponsoring tourism activities like; (Main sponsor for Buraydah promotional festival “Buraydah Wanasah”), (Main sponsor for Al-Ahsa promotional festival “Hasana Fulla”), (Technical sponsor for Yanbu flowers festival), (Official sponsor for Abha shopping festival), (official sponsor for Ukaz market), and (main sponsor for Unaizah Dates festival), and many other initiatives that have been sponsored for years.

Social Awareness

Mobily presented many awareness initiatives in collaboration with concerned authorities like its collaboration with Public Security in the biggest traffic awareness campaign titled (Enough) and lasted for 30 days. In addition to millions of SMS yearly in Hajj season in collaboration with the Ministry of Hajj. Also Mobily collaborate with the Ministry of Health and broadcasted 44 million awareness SMS about (Swine Flu – H1N1) to obviate the instant crisis of disease spread.

Mobily represented by its different Units participated in various media and marketing awareness works like; world Anti-Smoking Day, World Down Day, World Kidney Day, World Arabic Day, world Cancer day, and many others. 

Arab and Islamic World

Since Mobily is a national company based on Arabic and Islamic bases, Mobily has presented several initiatives to support our Arabic and Islamic people for several Arab counties like; Palestine, Syria, Lebanon. These initiatives took shape through supporting donation campaigns or by reducing international call fees. Also Mobily supported (إلا نبينا) international campaign, and launched (Wa-innaka laAAala khuluqin AAatheem) contest and other innovative initiatives.